New Year's Resolutions

Ah, the start of a New Year.  It’s a chance to make some serious changes and reevaluate priorities.  I encourage my clients to look at their lives and set realistic and achievable goals.  Frequently, people set essentially impossible resolutions which in the end only set us up for failure (who is honestly going to make it to the gym every day for the rest of the year?  Everyone gets sick now and then and deserves a day off.)  Perhaps there are some areas in your personal life you would like to further evaluate and which could benefit from an objective perspective.  Maybe there are some troubling areas that you’ve been avoiding, afraid of the emotions these things could stir up for you, and now you’re ready to face these things and move forward. 


Therapy is similar to many things in life – often, things have to get a bit worse before they get better.  I have a childhood memory of my grandfather “organizing” his garage.  He essentially pulled out everything he owned until it covered the entire driveway and I wondered, “How is he ever going to get all of this back in there and make sense of it?”  Taking care of ourselves is not that much different – we have to sort through the muck that has built up, get rid of stuff that is no longer useful to us, and then take the time to put things in proper order.  It can seem overwhelming but with assistance of a professional who can provide guidance, you can find peace.