I am licensed!

After a long, daunting road, I am so proud to announce that I am fully and independently licensed in the state of California as a Marriage and Family Therapist!  The process is tough but well worth it.  Here is a synopsis of my journey to licensure:


June, 2007 - Begin (unpaid) Practicum at Child and Family Institute in Sacramento, Ca, as an MFT Trainee.  The long start of acquiring my 3,000 necessary hours of supervised experience.


June, 2008 - Finish my Practicum and Master's Degree, move to San Diego to pursue my PsyD (a PsyD is not mandatory to practice as an MFT.  Aside from clinical work, I am interested in research and teaching and so was lead down that path).


July, 2008 - Secure my first full-time job as an MFT Intern with San Diego Youth Services, working in an evidence-based behavioral modification program for foster youth - continuing to acquire (paid!) hours of supervised experience.


July, 2009 - With the stress of school and teaching I am forced to make the tough decision to leave my job.  The hours of supervised experience come to a halt.


September, 2009 - See families under the supervision in private practice and continue to gain hours (unpaid).


May, 2010 - Begin my (final and unpaid) MFT Internship with Veterans Village of San Diego and complete my 3,000 hours (!!!).


September, 2011 - Submit my hours of supervised experience to the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) for review.


February, 2012 - Get word from the BBS that my hours have been approved and I may schedule my first, of two, examinations.


Sidenote: April, 2012 - Submit my dissertation proposal (extremely stressful!) and then begin studying for the exams.


July, 2012 - Pass the Standard Written Exam


August, 2012 - Pass the Clinical Vignette Exam


August 24, 2012 - Licensed as an MFT


I am lucky to have gained such great experience and I am so glad the process is complete!