FREE group therapy for women whose mothers died during their youth

For my dissertation, I have created a 12-week group therapy treatment for adult women whose mothers died during their youth - Motherless Daughters. Such loss can have many effects on a woman's life. This study seeks to explore treatment of this loss.


To participate in this study you must meet the following:

1. Age 25 or older

2. Your mother died prior to your 18th birthday

3. A minimum of 10 years have passed since her death

4. No current symptoms of addiction or suicidal ideation


Being a part of this study is voluntary. If you volunteer, we ask that you commit 1½ hours a week for 12 weeks to fully complete the group. This will help you and the other group members. We want you to commit to all 12 weeks, but you can leave the group at any time. Those who attend all 12 sessions and complete all surveys will receive $100 for their time.

All data gathered from the study will be put into a password protected file which only the researchers will have access to.


Feel free to share this study with women you know whose mothers died during their youth. Please keep in mind that one of our goals is to obtain a diverse sample in terms of age, race, income level, religion, sexual orientation and ethnicity. We would appreciate if you share this with friends and others who are similar to and different from yourself.


Thank you for your anticipated participation in this study. We also thank you for helping us spread the word about the benefit of treatment for women who experienced early maternal loss.


If you have questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to visit the website